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You have to admit, there are quite a few online travel booking sites out there today. So, finding good travel site reviews about these sites is becoming a necessity. Which site has the best deals? What site will give me the best customer service if something goes wrong?

People want the most for their money now more than ever. This goes without saying when booking travel plans for business or pleasure. That’s where the balance between cost, availability and customer service come in to play at these sites. Here is some criteria to consider:

- Search criteria that makes sense (don’t allow the start date to be later than the end date of the trip)

- Useful filters (narrow search results by airline, proximity, star rating, etc.)

- Site keeps a running tab visible on every page (know how much your trip is with ever add-on)

Now, when looking at reviews, you should consider these criteria:

- Real life experiences (preferably by the reviewer)

- Reviews are of sites that still exist

- Review is recent enough to still be valid today

Don’t waste your time and money by going to one site and just blindly booking a trip. Do some homework first. The internet has a vast bulk of knowledge on any subject and travel site reviews are no exception. That being said, I would look for travel site reviews instead of trying to compare a bunch of travel sites yourself since the reviews already did the work of comparing for you.