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What are the Northern Lights? The Northern Lights are otherwise known as Aurora Borealis. They are a spectacular display which have interested many people over the years. A wonderful natural phenomenon the lights are made through solar wind particles colliding with air molecules which in turn give off excess energy in the form of beautiful lights.

This amazing phenomenon is mostly found in the polar areas, and is at it’s best at night. It’s also a popular Global Travel destination this time of year and many people consider this an unusual winter’s break.

When can I see them? – Winter is prime viewing time to see the lights, but there are no guarantees to spotting them, and viewers could travel many miles without even a glimpse. The most popular viewing times are from October to March, and at their peak can be seen every night. You’ll need to be away from other light sources, and obviously have no cloud cover.

Where can you see the Northern Lights? The lights can be seen as far south as Scotland, but the best locations for sightings lie in a wide ring that more or less follows the Arctic Circle. Think Iceland, Greenland, North Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada and Alaska.

Where to stay – Combine a visit to this wonderful lightshow with an equally wonderful hotel stay to enjoy a truly unique experience. For something very unusual try Sweden’s Ice Hotel. It is as it sounds, constructed from ice and snow but it is stylish and surprisingly comfortable. The luxurious Hotel Ranga in Iceland is one of the Special Hotels of the World, and is only an hour from Reykjavik. Finland’s Holiday Club Hotel Saariselka boasts Europe’s northernmost spa, while the Explorer Hotel in Canada is 500km from the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle.