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The European Union has in place the Common and Foreign Security Policy to help strengthen the safety and security of all member countries. Having been in place since 1993, it was altered in late 2001 following the terrorist attack on the United States. The policy is close to that established by the United States, making identification requirements mostly standard around the world.

When traveling, many United States citizens forget that the freedoms to which they have been accustomed in the country may not extend outside the U.S. border. Being in compliance with global travel security rules can make their trip much more enjoyable.

One area of travel that seems to take many by surprise is the need for travel documents when traveling outside the United States for personal matters such as vacations and even weddings. Simply applying for permission to travel to a foreign country for a couple to get married has many restrictions that may not be apparent. Often overlooked is the need for the identification of people to attend the wedding be provided in advance, along with that of the couple.

Thirty-days is the typical period required for a foreign country to process the paperwork for a couple to be given permission to get married on foreign soil with copies of identification documents included with the application. Those traveling with the couple, in most cases, must also pre-apply at the same time to insure there is no delay for the big event. While 30-days is the average, many countries recommend at least 60 days to offset any unexpected delays.