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Enjoying delicious snacks is a traditional activity for global travelers. To taste those specialties sold in roadsides stands in any city is one of those most interesting experiences of traveling. These specialties usually taste delicious and make visitors feel wonderful.

1. Banh Mi – Along the streets of Ho Chi Ming city, Vietnam, there is a kind of Vietnam sandwich called Banh mi. The fillings in them are balanced in nutrition. They are rather rare in the world.

2. Tacos – In the street of San Minguel de Allende, Mexico, there exists Tacos, a specialty of Mexico, which is the most typical food in Mexico cuisine. It is a kind of flake made from cornmeal with some Mexican vegetables inside.

3. Guava Salad – Guava salad is usually served as an appetizer after dinner. You may not get used to it when first tasting them, but you will be attracted by it later.

4. Red Curry Sausage – It will be a pity if you do not taste sausage in Germany, especially the red curry sausage in Berlin.

5. Bhel Puri – Behl puri is a kind of delicious cuisine which comes from Chowpatty beach in Bombay India. It is also a kind of food that can make local people feel pleasant and exhilarated.

6. Frites – When you hear people say “frites” in Brussels Belgium, do not take this as an enamel art. Instead, it is a kind of snack which you can eat while walking.

7. Arepas – What is Arepas? You can get the answer when you arrive at the Cartagena port in Colombia. It looks like the sesame cake stuffed with minced meat, but it tastes very delicious inside.