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Travel is a network marketing based business opportunity in the ever growing online travel industry. Here is a simple review of the opportunity.

Global Travel is a network marketing opportunity for the network marketing entrepreneur looking to break into the travel industry. Starting your business with GT is free for the first 14 days and then will require a small monthly investment to stay plugged in. The travel industry is an ever growing industry and a multi-billion dollar industry.

The compensation plan with GT is based first and foremost on the retail sales of the individual vacation packages the member sells in a given month. This business is built upon a network marketing based program as well where the individual business owner can build an income through recruiting others into the opportunity itself. Although this does sound very lucrative remember, the compensation will be based on the sales of those individuals and is in fact a small percentage. This will require the recruiting of many individuals constantly selling and recruiting others.

The Global Travel business opportunity is a legitimate and solid opportunity and company. The package does come with replicated sites and training on how to use the site itself. Learning to effectively market online and drive the amount of quality traffic needed however with the GT opportunity will be a must and have to be found outside the program itself. It is best to complete you due diligence before joining any online business getting all questions answered before the investment of time and money.