Surprising Salaries – Jobs That Pay Astonishingly Well

Are you sure you make what you’re worth? Even in a weakening economy, some careers (with and without college degrees) are paying off big-time with surprisingly high salaries that their job title may not necessarily make known.

Fashion Designer

While it’s every girl’s fantasy to become the next Donatella Versace, there are plenty of fashion designers who don’t but still bring home a substantial paycheck. Many successful designers create popular mass-market designs that are sold in national retail chains.


While teachers are glaringly underpaid, their administrative counterparts are not. In fact, some high school principals in certain districts take home six-figure paychecks, reflective of the educational responsibilities and obligations they take on.

Truck Driving Jobs

Since professional drivers are essentially the heart of the economy and deliver more than two-thirds of virtually everything consumed in the United States, CDL truck driving jobs can provide excellent pay despite uncertain economic times.

Flight AttendantsSurprisingly, the top ten percent of flight attendants make more than $100,000 a year; however, most are flying quite comfortably, taking in approximately $62,000 annually.

Subway and Streetcar Operators

Operators of trains, streetcars, trolleys, or railways that transport passengers through metropolitan areas are benefiting for substantial paychecks as we see an increase in mass transit. Most take home approximately $46,000 a year.

Technical Writer

Technical writers provide a crucial service as they translate technical information for mass audiences. Employed by a wide variety of companies within a myriad of industries, technical writers make on average $10,000 more a year than the average writer.

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