3 Things You Probably Won’t Need on a Camping Trip

Camping in your RV is definitely an adventure, and no adventure is complete without a few surprises. These surprises may necessitate a few extra items that you might not have thought to pack – it’s a rookie mistake that you can learn from later on. But it’s also just as common for people attempt to anticipate the unexpected, in all its forms, and end up packing way, way too much. You only have so much space, so here are three things you can likely leave at home during your next trip.

  1. Your entire wardrobe. It sounds scary, but planning out your wardrobe and packing accordingly is the way to go. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and toss in an extra hoodie or a dressier pair of shoes, but for the most part, stick to simple, breathable pieces that are comfortable and versatile (for instance, a few pairs of shorts, a pair of jeans, a shirt for every day, etc.), and encourage family members to do the same.
  2. Everything you keep in your home fridge. No one wants to be hangry (so hungry you’re angry) on a camping trip, but it is also foolish to replicate your home refrigerator and pantry’s contents in your RV. First of all, you don’t have nearly the same space, even in a 34-foot Keystone Raptor, and secondly, while you can just move all the leftover perishables to your home, you end up stuck with two of each item.
  3. An entire garage-worth of tools. This is a big one for most of the guys out there, who want to lug along their enormous tool set. What you will likely need is a basic tool set with the most commonly used items. Anything else you can probably borrow off a neighbor or buy later and add to the collection.

That’s not to say that, in some remote situation, a ball gown or a wheel of fine cheese won’t come in handy…but until they do, it’s best to just assume you’re better off without.