Top 5 Boutique Resorts in Koh Samui

Boutique resorts is a collective name for luxurious, intimate resorts located in quirky environments. Boutique resorts stand out from regular resorts because they offer exceptional personalized accommodation, facilities and services. There are many resorts in Koh Samui which fit the above description. If you are interested in discovering the best Boutique resorts in Koh Samui, you are in the right place. Below are some of the top Boutique resorts in Koh Samui.

1. Rocky’s Resort

The Rocky’s Resort deserves a spot on this list when you consider things like location. The resort is located in one of the most luxurious private and romantic locations in Koh Samui Island. The location is perfect for couples and tourists interested in having a romantic and luxurious getaway. Location aside, the resorts accommodation also stands out. The resort features 3 luxurious villas featuring private pools and 47 magnificent Samui bungalows offering unparalleled Gulf of Thailand views.

The Rocky’s Resort is undoubtedly the best boutique resort in Koh Samui for relaxing privately while enjoying the natural beauty. The accommodation and amenities of the resort also make the Rocky’s Resort memorable. For instance, the resort features two pools, one of the beachfront and the other in the upper garden. Both pools have a spacious deck area where guests can relax as they enjoy drinks. The resort also has a unique fine dining restaurant perched on a large granite rock overlooking the ocean. When you consider the fact that the Rocky’s Resort has 3 secluded private beaches, it is easy to see why the resort makes it to this list.

2. Akatsuki Samui Resort

The Akatsuki Samui is another top Boutique resort in Koh Samui. The resort is in the list of top Boutiques in Koh Samui for pushing the boundaries of exclusivity. For instance, the resort features 5 exquisite pavilions only. Also, every guest is assigned a personal driver, butler and chef for the entire length of stay. It doesn’t get more exclusive than that when talking about the best Boutique resorts in Koh Samui. Guests also get to enjoy exceptional dining options, a home theatre, a sensational spa (with a pool) and cascading pools that lead to a pristine private beach. The Akatsuki Samui Resort offers a very unique lifestyle experience.

3. Bo Phut Resort 

The Bo Phut Resort is located on the northern tip of Koh Samui. The resort is a perfect tranquil hideaway. The Bo Phut resort stands out from other Koh Samui Boutique Resorts because of privacy and tranquillity. The resort has 32 villas featuring private pools, two world class restaurants and a sensational spa with tonnes of treatments. The dining options are also exciting. The resort’s Sala Thai Restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine. The L’Ocean Restaurant serves Mediterranean specialties. It doesn’t get better than the Bo Phut Resort when you want a top Boutique that is private and luxurious.

4. Tongsai Resort

Tongsai resort stands out as the perfect hillside resort in the north-eastern part of Koh Samui. The resort also stands out for having an executive collection of grand villas surrounded by wildlife and trees. The resort also offers privacy and tranquillity like Bo Phut. Tongsai villas are however on another level in regards to scenery and design. For instance, the villas overlook Tongsai bay waters which offer magnificent scenery. The villas have also been built with sustainability in mind. The villas feature outdoor bathtubs, a sun lounge, outdoor dining area and gazebo for outdoor fun and accommodation. Tongsai resort is undoubtedly the best Boutique resort for anyone interested in Koh Samui villas located as close to nature as possible.

5. Akaryn Samui Resort 

The Akaryn Samui Resort is undoubtedly one of the top Boutique resorts in Koh Samui. The Boutique resort stands out because of many things. First and foremost, the resort features very stylish villas featuring rich tropical gardens facing a blue lagoon located in the breathtaking crescent shaped Hanuman Bay. The resort also features spacious suites with their own private pools and terraces offering a rich aura of sophistication coupled with unmatched privacy. Privacy aside, the Akaryn Samui resort also offers fine dining, an exclusive spa and numerous enthralling activities for promoting wellness, romance and nature.