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Valentine’s Day is a popular day which is celebrated many parts of the world. The day has become the significance of expressing the love to the other person. Valentine’s Day is the short form of Saint Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on every February 14 of the year to show love and affection between intimate partners. The Day was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. Flowers, cards and confectionery have become the medium to express the internal feelings to others. This traditional day have most importance in the youngsters. Most of the youngster from all over the world seems to be excited for this day. They plan to spend this day with their loving persons.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with love and joy in various countries of Europe, America, and Asia. People from all over the world try to spend Valentine’s Day with their partner at pleasing destination to make this moment a memorable. The young couples are always remaining eager to take their love partner to these great destinations to make it a memorable day. The following are the great destinations for Valentine’s Day.

1. Miami

2. Sydney

3. Las Vegas

4. Prague

5. Antigua

6. New York City

7. Montreal

8. Stowe

9. Banff

10. Laguna Beach

11. Flagstaff

12. Santa Fe

13. Key West

14. Savannah

15. Montego Bay

Traveling to these destinations to celebrate valentine day will definitely give you an immense pleasure. If you have to travel a long distance to reach these great destinations. You can travel by any means of transportation i.e. bus, air or train. Avail the best deal of transportation which is most suitable to you. The various airlines are providing cheap airline tickets in Valentine’s Day traveling packages.