Opportunity in the Booming Myanmar Tourism Industry

A recent influx in Myanmar’s tourism industry has led to many opportunities for jobs and small business start-ups in the accommodation and food sectors. The recent building and restoring of many five star hotels in Yangon has brought more people into the city, which is what sparked the demand for entrepreneurial drive and business innovation to accommodate the new market.

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has seen some pretty serious economic and social shifts recently, which have resulted in the city of Yangon, as well as the country as a whole, becoming a popular tourist spot of recent years. Many Europeans and North Americans enjoy the drastic culture difference from what they are used to seeing at home, as well as Myanmar’s luxury hotels with 5 star dining and entertainment. Even the traditional and cultural history of Southeast Asia is proudly on display for all to see in this hidden gem of a vacation destination—from religious architecture such as Buddhist Temples and such to Historical buildings of England’s Colonial occupation, restored as a beautiful luxury hotel in Yangon, and beyond.

With this newly found fascination of Westerners with Myanmar, plenty of opportunities for young people, business minded people, established small and big businesses, and even government and corporate Myanmar have been emerging daily.

One could easily make a humble living selling fast food on the corner near a tourist hotspot; or with more ambition and opportunity, perhaps open a restaurant. Even just a delivery place can make a fair ROI with the proper location and marketing. Positioning very close to the hotel sector of Yangon with a respectable sign and appearance will likely draw many customers that would have otherwise never existed.

Tours of the city and scheduled activities are another way that people are capitalizing on the new market. In Yangon, you can take a shuttle around the city and get a look at all the fascinating wonders of its ancient and more modern history, or you can head just out of town into the wild where you can see a crocodile park or take a wild nature safari through the jungle. These are all services that emerged to meet the new demand.

The restoration of some of Southeast Asia’s historic, particularly colonial hotels has sparked the interest of many as well, bringing more influx in economic growth and opportunity to the country.

One in particular, the Strand Yangon, has had prestigious visitors such as Sir Mick Jagger and Prince Edward. Designed to house colonial diplomats and high-ranking officers of the English empire through the 20th century, the Strand was already made to be extremely comfortable and luxurious; that just made it that much better when they restored it with all the small wonders of modernity.

The publicity generated by the Strand when it houses high profile guests has brought people to feel more inclined to visit the country and see what all the fuss is about. It also makes them more comfortable with going to an unfamiliar place when someone they envy and trust has gone there.

Many new hotels have popped up in the city as well and have done very well. PARK ROYAL and the Central Hotel are both big employment forces in the city of Yangon, and they bring in tourists at high rates as well.

With everything from the food and attraction industries to the hotel and accommodation industries contributing to an overall boom in the tourism industry and Myanmar economy as a whole, it’s no surprise that some of the citizens are finally starting to see it pay off in the form of jobs and opportunities. As Yangon’s attraction grows and the city’s infrastructure further develops, it’s fair to expect to see a continued growth in economic opportunity and an increased employment rate.