Furnished Apartments in Budapest near the Danube

When planning a trip to Europe with my two friends, we each got to choose a city we’ve always wanted to visit but have never seen. One of my friends chose Budapest as her city of choice and we decided on renting one of the furnished apartments in Budapest near the Danube. Подробности nuru massage тут.

At first I felt like I didn’t know anything about Budapest but in the end that made the trip even more memorable! The Danube River cuts right through Budapest so a lot of the action of the city surrounds this area. I would recommend any of the furnished apartments near the Danube because you truly feel like you are in the center of this vibrant city.

My friends and I spent our time at some of the “must-see” places in Budapest. Each of these places was great – we shopped, relaxed, and ate. The Esceri Market, which is kind of like an American flea market, had some unique, inexpensive items that I brought back to family and friends. Shopping is exhausting so we were sure to visit the Rudas Baths. These thermal springs were relaxing and absolutely stunning. Even if relaxing in the Rudas Baths is not your thing, you will appreciate the architecture which dates back to the 16th century. People actually sit in the hot water and play chess with one another. Another highlight of the trip was trying Hungarian food. One of the only words I recognized on any menu was “goulash” but turned out to be just fine! When in doubt, try the goulash.

At the end of each day, my friends and I returned to the furnished apartments in Budapest near the Danube. At no point in time did we feel like our apartment was away from the action of the city. The apartment gave us each enough space to call our own and it made me feel like an authentic Budapestian. During the day we could choose to hit all of the tourist attractions but still returned to one of the furnished apartments in Budapest near the Danube and felt like a true part of the culture.

If you are planning a trip to Europe, do not forget to fit Budapest, Hungary into your travel plans. The city was inexpensive and truly amazing. We felt as though we experienced the “real” Budapest because it is not too overrun by tourists, especially if you don’t stay in a hotel but in one of the furnished apartments in Budapest near the Danube.